• I worked for a global pharmaceutical for many years and became more and more interested in business and personal change coaching
  • I trained as a corporate coach and helped leaders to be more confident and dynamic
  • I now happily run my own coaching practice. I also provide employment advice to a voluntary organisation so that I can ‘give something back’

lesleychair Why I love coaching

  • I provide a unique, confidential environment where I listen, understand, guide and support. I don’t judge, criticise, get shocked or embarrassed or tell you what you ‘ought’ to do
  • I believe that, with support, people can find inner strength, courage to make changes and answers to almost any problem
  • I know this because had the privilege of helping a variety of clients work through difficulties and make impressive improvements in their lives
  • Clients say the like my ability to create a safe environment, my honest, down to earth style and willingness to ‘tell it like it is’. I also use humour when appropriate – coaching can be fun!