Ageing parentsLooking after an elderly relative and…

  • Trying to juggle eldercare with a demanding job
  • Feeling overwhelmed with guilt, anxiety, tiredness, fear
  • Struggling to communicate with a relative who has dementia
  • Arguing with siblings about the best plan and who should do what
  • Trying to provide eldercare ‘from a distance’

As an eldercare coach I will help you to:

  • Figure out how to balance family, career and eldercare
  • Find strategies for coping, reducing guilt, feeling calmer, less anxious
  • Have those difficult conversations with your elderly relative, family and professionals
  • Plan for the future and make sure that your elderly relative gets the best care possible

“Your coaching helped me find ways to manage the heartbreak and guilt of my Mum’s devastating dementia. Thank you so much for listening – now I know I am not alone” (J.D. Glasgow Sept 2017)

“I now feel far less anxious and know that I am making the best decisions for my Mum – a heartfelt thank you Lesley!” S.W. (Oct 2016)

“Eldercare coaching helped me persuade my father to go into sheltered accommodation. Now I have more time for work and family and much less stress!” (London 2015)

Life Coaching, a Lifeline for Family Carers  Care England Newsletter, May 2016
When they get Older – Ask Lesley  Free Eldercare Coaching onlineAsk-Lesley-image

I also help working carers as a consultant for My Family Care

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