Could Midlife Coaching help you?

  • Midlife coaching clientFeeling stuck, in a rut, life is passing you by – you’re having another midlife crisis!
  • Suddenly aware of your age/mortality after a significant birthday or health scare
  • Insecure and lacking in purpose after loss of a partner, redundancy, ‘empty nest’
  • Feel too young to retire but fed up with the climbing the career ladder?


Using Midlife Coaching I will help you to:

  • Discover hidden talents, ‘reinvent’ yourself, find the ‘real you’
  • Do a midlife career review, create the right work life balance
  • Find purpose, meaning and new beginnings!

“Thanks to midlife coaching with Lesley my life now has purpose and direction.  I feel I have found my place in the world again” (Cheryl, London 2016)

Check out the ‘AgeOfNoRetirement and the workshop I facilitated on supporting older workers.

Interviewed for  The New Rules of Living Longer  about how coaching helps us make the most of our longer lives and careers