“I was feeling awful. Aware of my age/mortality, life passing me by, hit a brick wall…  Coaching was amazing. I’ve made some monumental decisions: I’m giving in my notice at work, signed up for training in massage and counselling, going on a creative writing course and then a nutrition course. After I’ve finished helping myself, I’ve decided I want to help others. Since I started seeing you I feel motivated to move forwards, I have a future to look forward to. I’ve got my MOJO BACK!” (Senior Administrator, London, Dec 2017)

“Lesley really helped me adjust to leaving my previous employment. She quickly grasped ‘where I was coming from’ and was committed to supporting me and I liked the fact that our sessions weren’t too earnest. I now have a much clearer idea of what I’m looking for, how to go about it, how to tackle the barriers and I have a much better CV. Overall, a very positive experience” (KB Cambridge Oct 2017)

 “I had no idea what to do with my life and wasn’t handling my emotions and relationships very well. Lesley helped me find out who and what I needed, turn the chapter and put my teenage years to bed. With Lesley as I was able to say exactly how I felt with no judgment, just guiding. I didn’t feel like I was seeing a shrink – I genuinely felt like I was talking to someone who just understood me and was able to help me help myself” (GF London Oct 2017)

Having you help me process this stuff is the best help and grounding I have ever ever had. It’s like a water in a desert thing. In the last month I have regained hope, self respect and belief in myself as an artist!”  (JRW Artist July 2017)

“My Mum has been feeling so lost. I just talked to her after her first session with you and I simply don’t remember a time when she sounded so positive. She gave excellent feedback and it was really uplifting for me to hear. Thank you so much!” (Aug 2017)

“As a result of Lesley’s career coaching I am now in a much happier place and walking tall! It really couldn’t have worked out any better. Lesley shaped the coaching to exactly what I needed, helping me set clear goals and gently pushing me to carry out tasks outside of my comfort zone. As a result, I was able to:

* create a long term career path and strategic plan
* increase my self-confidence and ability to go out and make things happen
* improve my networking, presentation, writing and story-telling skills
* move to a satisfying new job in an organisation”

KB (Education Programme Manager, London April 2017)

“I was feeling so powerless and wracked with guilt, pain and broken hearted when my Mum had to go into a care home with this devastating illness, dementia. You have helped me understand that I can’t change the situation but now I know I’m not alone and there are ways to manage my feelings. Thank you so much for being there and for listening to me Lesley. (JD Glasgow Sept 2017)

“Thank you for all your support, you don’t know how much that meant to me. Your kind words and challenges helped me to know what to focus on after my mother’s death and that to me is a big thing. Some days I was really in the dark jungle, but there are less of those days now. People who know me say they have seen a big difference in me and I feel that I am on a new adventure now!” C.M. (Feb 2017)

“You inspired me to download Helen Reddy’s ‘I am Woman’ to my iPod and now I ‘roar’ in my head when thinking about the divorce negotiations. I enjoy our sessions – however bad I feel at the beginning, I’m always laughing by the end!” (C.P. London Dec 2016)

“A very difficult relationship with my manager was affecting my performance at work and causing huge stress in my life. Lesley gave me the space to analyse the situation and helped me find tactics to change my thinking and priorities whilst staying true to my own values. Even though the coaching was all done on the phone I felt she was right next to me, holding and securing me as I worked through layers of uncertainty and self doubt. The outcome was a new calmness and confidence to manage this situation”  M.A. The Netherlands (Nov 2016)

“My Mum had just gone into a Home and there were huge family arguments about finances. I was feeling isolated, unsupported, devastated and like I was letting Mum down. Lesley listened calmly to my ramblings and helped me feel confident about talking to the Home and standing up to my family. The coaching was  exactly what I needed – a chance to talk confidentially about my problems at times that fitted in with my lifestyle. I now feel far less anxious and know that I am making the best decisions for my Mum – a heartfelt thank you Lesley! S.W. Northampton (Oct 2016)

“Lesley helped me move forward with my goal of thinking about how to tackle a new role, and beyond that to future career opportunities. She challenged me to be more bold and strategic and often guided me down unexplored and unexpected paths. In particular, coaching made me spend time thinking about myself and my successes and helping me to identify ways to raise my profile whilst remaining true to my own values” (MB Procurement Manager, London)

“Following retirement I had lost my direction and sense of purpose. Lesley helped me set goals and her gentle, probing approach, excellent ability to hold on to details and make links kept me focussed on moving forwards. To my amazement, I began to feel much happier! My life now has purpose and direction and I feel I have found my place in the world again. Cheryl Sklan (Sept 2016)

“Thank you so much for your very very valuable help with my CV. It was really useful to have a fresh pair of eyes reviewing it and you did a fabulous job in really understanding my skills and career aspirations. It’s so much sleeker now and really shows off my strengths and what I have to offer. I am happy to say the improved CV has just landed me a new contract!” (HR consultant and Talent Management specialist, London, July 2016)

My elderly father lives 130 miles away and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He refused to accept any help. I was going up to see him as often as possible but getting exhausted, stressed out at work and neglecting my family. It was really helpful talking to someone who understood my issues and frustrations. With Lesley’s help, I learned to be more assertive, persuaded my father to move to sheltered accommodation and accept professional help. Things are much more manageable now and I have more time for work and my own family! (Family carer, London)

“You are a natural coach!  You really helped me find direction and clarity when trying to sort out my work-life balance. And your voice is so calm and reassuring I’m sure if I could talk to you every day I would have no problems at all!” (ZA Birmingham May 2016)

“I want to thank you for the work you have done with me. I found our sessions very worthwhile, focused and rewarding. I have learnt a lot and feel far more positive about the new chapter ahead” (Deputy Head Teacher, London May 2016)

“Lesley really helped me  improve my CV and networking skills. I was able to overcome my fears and felt ‘newly invented’, confident and motivated in the job search process. Lesley is a great coach – i really enjoyed our sessions.  She’s also an excellent and caring listener and always there to help even at very short notice. (I.S. London, Energy Analyst)

“Thank you Lesley for all your support and encouragement. It was a tremendous help to me at a time when I very much needed and appreciated it” (LC March 2016)

“I really appreciated Lesley’s coaching in helping me develop a workshop for a group of senior managers. My change in mindset after 4 sessions made a real difference to my enjoyment of the experience and I suffered none of the performance anxiety symptoms that I’ve been prone to in the past. I felt I prepared myself really well and Lesley supported me to do that by challenging my thinking, helping me focus on process and focus on being fully present for the group. Thank you Lesley!” (MF Jan 2016)

“Immediately on meeting Lesley, I found her to be an exceptionally good listener and extremely perceptive. Lesley’s help with filling in job applications was invaluable. She also used a gentle but searching approach which was fantastic at helping me with the longer term career objectives – something with which I have always struggled. As a result I have created a successful portfolio career and feel confident about my future as a music consultant/teacher and professional violinist. I cannot recommend Lesley highly enough!” (Robert Norman, London 2015)

After graduating, I was keen to get into gym management but didn’t feel I was ready or had a strong enough CV. Lesley helped me create a dynamic CV highlighting my strengths, increased my confidence and improved my interview technique. Within a week of meeting with Lesley, I’d had two interviews and a job offer! (Jake, London 2015)

“I can really recommend Lesley. I was facing a bit of a ‘mid-life’ crossroads and Lesley helped me to make a decision about my future life and work plans. Lesley guided me through the decision making process, encouraging me to reflect on my thoughts, set some achievable targets, and then review action and make further plans. Lesley used a very sensitive approach and was a very good listener – but she was also able to effectively challenge me and to offer a number of practical suggestions. The one hour sessions flew by!” (Len Simkins, Company Director, Bedford 2014)

“Lesley – you helped me shape a new stage in my career. The sessions resulted in a significant shift in my development and stretched my confidence in moving into a new role with higher responsibilities and challenges. Your help has been pivotal for me and I look forward to checking back in with you in the future” (Legal professional, Sydney)

“Lesley’s passion for helping people manage change shines through in everything she does” (Senior Vice-President, Philadelphia)

“With Lesley, we got straight to the core of the issues. My soft skills clearly improved and I have made changes in my behaviour, leading to much improved feedback from my manager and colleagues” (Regulatory Affairs Director, London)

“I talked to Lesley about my anxieties about trying to convince my very poorly mum that a nursing home was the best place for her to be looked after. Lesley was very helpful, she demonstrated great empathy and understanding and assured me that all the emotions I was experiencing were completely normal as well as offering useful suggestions on how to move forward. I can recommend Lesley as an excellent life coach with knowledge on dealing with elderly parents” (Rose Dileva, Birmingham 2013)

“Initially I was sceptical about the benefits of talking to a Coach, I had reached the crossroads of my life, independent children, too young to retire, too old to be taking a new direction or so I thought! Lesley gave me the motivation to get organised, realise, prioritise and focus on my ideas for a change of career. She helped me see my strengths which in turn gave me the confidence to promote myself effectively, pursue and then obtain employment in a totally new field.  I left each session determined to follow on with a task relating to my goal and then arrived at my next session with that great feeling of having achieved. Lesley listens and understands – I would highly recommend her” Elaine Gan, Company Director, London 2014

“Lesley’s excellent listening skills, caring and thoughtful approach helped me enormously in starting up a small business venture as well as constructively approach a challenging large-scale project whilst also working out how to preserve my work/life balance” (Company Director, Hertfordshire, UK 2013)

“Lesley is a practical and delivery focused. She creates a supportive yet challenging environment in which to explore and discuss options. She is able to ask the seemingly-obvious questions as well as the more difficult ones and gently draws attention to the ‘elephant in the room’. Her professional, personable approach helped me identify clear objectives for personal development and to draw up action plans that ensured success”. (Senior Project Manager, London)

“Lesley has a brilliant ability to support and guide individuals through a process of change. Her incisive and thought provoking questions challenged my way of thinking and enabled me to think through situations for myself. As a direct result, I have improved the way I relate to others and increased my leadership and assertiveness skills. I’ve also felt wonderfully reassured, motivated and safe during our coaching sessions. I highly recommend Lesley to anyone looking to maximise their personal and professional potential” (Management trainee, London 2013)

“I compare Lesley’s approach to the martial art Aikido: negative energy is re-orientated in a positive way.” (Senior scientist, Brussels)

“Lesley has excellent listening skills and always acts as an honest broker, telling it like it is. She has the ability to build confidence, help people develop leadership skills and to communicate and engage effectively.” (Charles Oppenheim, Professor of Information Science, Loughborough)

“I was amazed by how much I discovered about myself. One of Lesley’s strengths as a coach is a natural way of drawing out this self-discovery while making something that is hard work feel comfortable and safe. Her coaching magic gave me the confidence to implement a  successful IT strategy in a completely different culture” (L.M. R&D Director)